White Nancy

The summer holidays have arrived! Six weeks of rest, fun with friends and sunny days outdoors.

Will your piano sit  gathering dust until September?

Will there be a mad scramble to find your music just before your first lesson of the Autumn term?

Will there be a frantic head scratching when you plumb to the depths of your memory to try to recall the scales you had been practising?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES  then keep reading……..because here are a few suggestions of fun things to do to stop the backwards slide that can sometimes happen during a long break and ensure that you spring confidently into September lessons.

1. Grab a victim, family or friend and teach them how to play something on the piano.

2. Pick a new piece out of a book with a level of difficulty lower than your present standard and teach it  to yourself.

3. Favourite pop tune? Find an easy piano version and have a go.

4.Do you have a friend that plays too? Let me help you choose a duet to play together.

5. Think of a well known tune, e.g. Happy Birthday and see if you can work it out “ by ear”, i.e to play without written music.

6. If you are already one of my students come and take advantage of my extensive library of music and I’ll help you choose a summer holiday piece.

7. If you aren’t already one of my students come and have a trial lesson and see how much fun it is.

8. Scale pick and mix :- write down the names of all the scales you know on piece set of paper, fold up and put in a container. Then get someone to pull them out one at a time lucky dip style. Can you play them.