About My Piano Lessons

  • Teach ABRSM Theory to Grade 5
  • Teach ABRSM/Trinity Practical syllabus to Grade 8
  • Teach ‘just for fun’ for those who do not want the formality of exams
  • Have a vast library of piano music of all genres including:
    • Classical
    • Musicals
    • Popular Music
    • Jazz Rags & Blues
    • Duets
  • Structured lessons which include:
    • Warm-up Exercises
    • Scales
    • Pieces
    • Theory
    • Sight-reading
    • Developing aural skills
  • Help choose and prepare the music for GCSE performance.
Pam Dooley
Pam Dooley & Student
Piano duet

Playing Duets

I encourage duet playing during my lessons as it is a great way to develop listening skills between budding musicians. It also teaches the importance of counting carefully.

Duets are a great way of introducing ensemble playing. As a beginner pianist ensemble opportunities are more difficult to find and the duet or trio can provide a similar sense of enjoyment, therefore I often play duets with my students and also enjoy pairing up students of a similar ability to play duets.

Duets also work well for the ensemble performance module of GSCE music and I am very happy to prepare a duet with this level of student and also to perform with them for the recording on the day.

Fees, Terms & Conditions

  1. Fees 2018:
    • 30 Minute lesson £18
    • 60 Minute lesson £36
  2. 1st lesson is on a trial basis with payment made on the day
  3. Payment thereafter made at the beginning of each month in advance
  4. If a lesson is cancelled by the student I will do my best to reschedule but cannot guarantee therefore lesson and payment may be forfeited.
  5. If I have to cancel a term time lesson I will either reschedule or provide a full refund.
  6. Lessons may be arranged outside of term time.
  7. I offer a more ad hoc contract for adults who cannot commit to a regular weekly slot and come out of peak teaching time (which is between 3:30pm-8pm and Saturday mornings).