I’ve been working as a musician for nearly 40 years, initially solely as a performer with occasional compositions, and then more latterly in education.

After a mainly classical music training during school, I went on to study music in London at Goldsmiths College, and followed this with my first job working as an accompanist at the Laban Dance School in contemporary dance, which required me to improvise music on the moment – an experience which proved a very useful training for the future. This was followed, through the rest of the 80’s and 90’s with work in many genres as a keyboard player and session player in live performance and in recording studios.

In 2000, after a break in New Zealand, I was encouraged by a friend to become involved with adult education, and started working in the music department at the City Lit Institute teaching Jazz, pop and classical piano and theory, and also as a community musician and workshop leader for Trinity College Of Music, working with all ages in the S.E. of London and the Isle of Dogs. I assisted on Jazz Summer Schools for the Workers Music Association and Music for People, (M4P) and worked as an accompanist and workshop leader for Mbawula, a South African Township choral project. I also had the opportunity to set up and help run a weekly Jazz club where I lived in Hackney, giving me an excellent opportunity to hone my jazz skills.

Since meeting Pam while teaching jazz on a summer school, I made the decision to move up to Cheshire, and we have set up a teaching business together, through which we are able to offer a broad range of music tuition on the piano or in music theory.